Dr. Colette M. Dowell & Dr. Robert Schoch

Will Investigate the Bosnian Pyramid Excavations

July 27th, 06 through August 9th, 06



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"Sam" Semir Osmanagich M.Sc., B.Sc.Ecc., B.Sc. P.Sc.

Chairman, Board of Directors

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Dr. Dowell and Dr. Schoch will be visiting the “Bosnian Pyramids”

Hello Everyone,

        This is Robert Schoch writing. I have been following the controversy over the “Bosnian Pyramids.” So far, all I have seen are miscellaneous articles in the popular media and various analyses that have been released thus far. In my opinion, the controversy that the alleged pyramids have engendered is fascinating unto itself in terms of the sociology of science and popular culture, how arguments between “experts” and “amateurs” are framed, and the tactics both sides utilize (especially certain “experts” as they attempt to outright dismiss the work of people who do not belong to their “club”). But, beyond that, I would like to know what exactly is going on with the Bosnian Pyramids in terms of potential ancient occupation and usage of the site.

        The dominant question for many people currently is: Are the Bosnian Pyramids natural, artificial, or somewhere in between? At this point it is premature for me to attempt an answer to this question, but I certainly have a preliminary working hypothesis. My impression, based on the limited data I have seen, is that the Bosnian Pyramids may have started out as natural hills that were subsequently used and modified. If this is the case, there are certainly similar examples elsewhere in the world. The Great Pyramid of Egypt, the exemplar of all pyramids, is built over an original natural mound structure. But, I must stress that this is simply a working hypothesis concerning the alleged Bosnian Pyramids. One has to be very careful when trying to figure out if a large pyramid-like structure is natural, artificial (man-made), or somewhere in between (for instance a natural feature that was purposefully used and/or modified by humans, a concept sometimes referred to as terraforming [Earth-shaping], although this term originally referred to hypothetically modifying another planet, such as Mars, to become Earth-like and potentially inhabitable by Earthlings).

        I cannot judge the Bosnian Pyramids without adequate data. I really need to be able to gather data in such areas as the following: The local stratigraphy (here I am speaking both geologically and archaeologically), the larger cultural and geologic/geomorphologic context of the supposed pyramids, associated ancient occupation sites and possible artifacts, the much heralded tunnels, mining and quarrying activities, tool marks, and so on and so forth. To try to judge based on a few photographs, a handful of satellite images, and miscellaneous statements that are often contradictory (and which have in some cases been subject to mistranslation and misunderstanding), is not my approach. I learned long ago that photographs can be misleading (photographs of features that “clearly look artificial” can be of natural features, and vice versa), and few “authorities” are unbiased.

        The only way that I hope to get a valid sense of the Bosnian Pyramids is to see all of the important, and controversial, features firsthand with adequate time to really analyze what is going on. I am pleased to be able to say that such an opportunity has presented itself. As readers of The Daily Grail already know, my colleague and friend Dr. Colette Dowell has been in direct contact with Sam Semir Osmanagich and Mario Gerussi of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. They have generously invited Colette and me to visit the site and study the pyramid structures and associated features. We will be there in late July and early August. I am looking forward to the trip, and I plan to apply my geological expertise to the problem of the Bosnian Pyramids. As we prepare for the trip, we invite readers to share with us specific ideas and suggestions as to things you would like us to look at in particular when we are there.

        If you would like for me or Dr. Dowell to address any questions at the moment, we will do our best to. Please send any comments and questions directly to Dr. Colette Dowell.

Warm regards to all,

Robert Schoch





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