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Dr. Colette Dowell, N.D. addressing libel,  April 12th, 2008

"Articles seeking to discuss the questionable activities of Semir Osmanagich and his Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation frequently meet with a torrent of cumber and curious retorts/denials from its members, associates and co-workers by means of, as some believe, wild tales of conjured fancy or with indiscriminate threats of legal action." Colette Dowell, March 2008

I had written the above statement as the opening paragraph to my article as posted below in March of 2008.  Subsequent to my publishing of  "A Paper on the Controversies Surrounding the Ancient Inscriptions on the T1 and the T2 Megaliths Found in the Ravne Tunnel,"     (SEE PART TWO HERE ON MEGALITHIC T2 DECEPTION)    Semir Osmanagich's website has once again published inappropriate and false statements against my character and other scientists, doctors and researchers who were/are involved in uncovering truths pertaining to the colossal excavations of the hills of Visoko, Bosnia, and Semir's claims to "the world's largest pyramid."

On April 12, 2008 I wrote to Semir Osmanagich and his associates who are listed as members of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. I have not received one reply as of yet, nor has the article been removed in English or the Bosnian language.

This is not the first time Semir and his followers have written tabloid grade untrue statements against my person or others. This same individual had posted on the Daily Grail on 24/10/2006 as:

Pyramids in Bosnia

Merima Bojic,
11829 Gateway Blvd. # 4
Los Angeles, Ca, 90064

Greg Taylor, owner of the Daily Grail removed the slander which also included me smoking pot in public and other allegations which were totally ludicrous. I had not even drank any alcoholic beverages while I was in Bosnia. Robert Schoch and I discussed the posting, I have files of the event on record. Once Greg removed the slander, this individual logged in once again and tried to post, however Greg caught it and it was once again immediately removed.

Post on the Grail addressing the gross comments made by this Merima person (who I guess is maybe a woman after all).

How Low Can You Go
Submitted by bladerunner on Tue, 24/10/2006 - 4:44pm.
Merima you have made some very grievous allegations. Hearsay and slander are not not arguments. By not nameing names, or sources you are not protecting anyone, you are only protecting your groundless allegations. I will not say much more about this subject but when people speak or write in forums as you just have. I dismiss them as liars and troublemakers. These sort of attacks leave me wondering how low you will go?

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Colette Dowell in Bosnia with Robert Schoch Mostar investigating Bosnia Pyramid fraudANYWAY-------------------to end with----------------

There are many problems with the stories this person is writing as in not knowing my personal character, they have written things that a person who is AGORAPHOBIC is not capable of doing, as it is beyond their scope of any interaction. I have addressed my agoraphobia to the public in a little video I made and was posted in early 2005 with Robert and me. I had decided to do so, as many individuals had asked me many times throughout the recent years why I had turned into a recluse. Often I have been compared to Sigourney Weaver in the movie "Copy Cat," whom created a new world around her consisting of only computers and one caretaker. As far as me venturing into the outside world and having any interaction with others, I was only able to do this when I traveled with Robert Schoch. I have tried to recover (diagnosed in 2003) and I am presently still making efforts - but, it is slow and very difficult for me. This attempt of Merima and the Pyramid of the Sun Foundation and / or any and all websites that are believers and promoters of Semir Osmanagich, who slander and try to diminish my credibility will not stop me from publishing reports. I have addressed these issues with legal aid. Please read the letter below written in good faith. This is a public notice. Thank you, Colette Dowell

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From: Dr. Colette M. Dowell
To: Sam Osmanagich
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Sent: Saturday, April 12, 2008 12:27 PM
Subject: Bosnia - request

Dear Semir Osmanagich, The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation and Members, I was sent information regarding an article that has been posted on April 03, 2008 on your Foundation's website, piramidasunca, entitled, "Aliens to Science" written by Merima Bojic,en/ . It contains untrue statements concerning my behaviour in Bosnia. Upon review it has been noted this article contains and is held as libel. I have been directed to first request for the article to be immediately removed. I would therefore be very grateful if you could arrange for the article's immediate removal. This letter is sent to you in good faith and deemed as my first letter of request. I also request that your Foundation and any and all of its members, associates, colleagues or otherwise related, or interest vested in your endeavors in Bosnia and elsewhere refrain from writing untrue, libel statements upon my person in the future.

Thank you ,

Colette Dowell

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