Egypt Khufu Cheops Pyramid Construction Jean-Pierre Houdin, a French Architect presents high tech modeling of his theory of construction of Khufu, Cheops, Kheops.

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Archiving the Great Pyramid's Construction Theories (ramps or otherwise) - by  Colette Dowell for Circular Times


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Jean-Pierre Houdin Egypt Great Pyramid Ramp Theory Dassault Colette Dowell Circular Times






Jean-Pierre Houdin Egypt Great Pyramid Ramp 3 D model of Great Pyramid  Colette Dowell Circular Times





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Michelle Houdin Bulle Plexiglass Jean-Pierre Houdin Great Pyramid Internal Ramp Theory Colette Dowell Circular Times


La Pyramide de Kheops

Publisher: Linteau - Paris

Jean-Pierre Houdin La Pyramide de Kheops Internal Ramp book cover Circular Times Colette DowellOver eight years have now passed since Jean-Pierre Houdin and his devoted wife ‘Bulle Plexiglass’ (Michelle) fused their life’s equity into a passionate architectural affair with the Great Pyramid, located on the Giza Plateau in Egypt; “A ramp theory” - an internal one; enclosed; continually winding its way up to the apex of the Great Pyramid by means of turning 90 degrees corners; encasing workman hauling blocks of stones weighing tons; using rope, cranes, sleds, scaffolds and any other means by which a hefty stone could be maneuvered; builders hollaring and lots of sweat. The energy to create such an internal ramp can be measured and defined if calculated in detail; Jean-Pierre has detailed his architectural renderings and has come up with some staggering factors. A modern high- tech French architect who had no previous yearnings of the Great Pyramid’s construction prior to his last decade of research has used his upscale mindset to configure how the Ancient Egyptian’s might have constructed their most magnanimous feat of monumental structures. Jean-Pierre’s ability to create colorful graphics tends to lead the reader to view his internal ramp construction theory as a method to get his views across as opposed to reading and reasoning his renderings, calculations and thoughtful suggestions of e.g., “intercom systems” which he claims were built deep within the Great Pyramid’s Queen’s Chamber to accommodate the builders and crews.

KHUFU Jean-Pierre Houdin Great Pyramid Egypt Internal Ramp Theory book cover Circular Times Alternative Magazine published by Dr. Colette DowellJean-Pierre has published numerous books - his first being,  ‘La Pyramide de Kheops,’ Publisher: Linteau - Parisone, which has sold out; his second one being ‘KHUFU - The secrets behind the building of The Great Pyramid,’ written in English and translated in various languages (as seen below) and thereafter more publications, power point presentations and documentaries have since been created and fashionably marketed. To the Houdins’ credit  they do have some support/backing for their research, as well as a following of fans. Jean-Pierre is competing with multiple other researchers’ differential ramp theories on the Great Pyramid; his forte is his zealous optimism coupled with high tech graphics that trigger the human mind into a digital maze of layers of ancient stones. How though will Jean-Pierre be able to prove his internal ramp theory?

In recent communications with Jean-Pierre I have asked many questions (I have his book KHUFU which was gifted to me in 2006, while I was in Giza working on a documentary about Ancient Egypt) and with civility have chatted - discussing a few variables at hand; searching for and determining logic to his speculations and renderings. I find myself wondering about Dr. Hawass’s stand on Jean-Pierre’s work and the bureaucracy of all the red tape wrapping its way around the ancient monuments of Egypt.  Jean-Pierre explains, “He and Dr. Zahi Hawass have been in a form of a chess game for the past five years.” Will Dr. Hawass allow Jean-Pierre to go on site to the Giza Plateau and continue Jean-Pierre Houdin Great Pyramid NW Model Internal Ramp Graphichis evaluation of the Great Pyramid and his controversial internal ramp theory? Dr. Hawass boldly wrote the foreword for Jean-Pierre’s second book ‘KHUFU - The secrets behind the building of The Great Pyramid,’ written in English, published in 2006, Farid Atiya Press, Cairo. Jean-Pierre Houdin portrait by Hanah Circular Times archives published by Colette Dowell Great Pyramid Construction theories - internal ramp French architectPartial quote from foreword by Dr. Hawass: “The evidence for this theory is circumstantial, and remains to be proven, but it is well worth our consideration. If it is correct, we will have gained a new understanding of the genius of the pyramid builders.” Zahi Hawass Cairo, 2006 

Jean-Pierre’s profuse ambitions must be deeply seated in conflicting patience and prominent confidence as he wrote to me, “But like in any La Fontaine fable, the best part is always the...end...  Technology is on my side...”  In the end Jean-Pierre expresses some personal reflections of his life’s passion and intellectual resolve; “Im just proud because after so many years working on Khufu I start building up a very strong reputation of seriousness...and EXPERTISE... Ive thousands of e-mail very supporting... I know Im on the right track and one day will come, Ill find the internal ramp...for sure... May be... Ive already what Im officially looking for...”    “Now...Will Dr Hawass allow me to officially check ?”  JPH                                                                                          

Text written by Dr. Colette M. Dowell for Jean-Pierre Houdin and 'Bulle Plexiglass'


Chantier de la Grande Pyramide JPH

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Chantier de la Grande Pyramide JPH


Jean-Pierre Houdin Internal Ramp Theory Construction Archives published by Coletter Dowell of Circular Times

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All drawings from the Chantier de la Grande Pyramide slideshow are copyright Jean-Pierre Houdin, Library of Congress Copyright Office Washington DC .  Michelle Houdin makes videos under Bulle Plexiglass . Other photograph and graphic credits courtesy of:

Hannah, Jon Bodsworth, Bulle Plexiglass, Gedeon Programmes, Georges Mesmin, Craig B. Smith,  Edgar Brothers......



 Jean-Pierre Houdin Khufu internal ramp theory archives of alternative theories of Great Pyramid Construction theory published by Colette Dowell for Circular Times

KHUFU Publisher: Farid Atiya Press - Cairo




Translated in many languages including:


Jean-Pierre Houdin CHEOPS internal ramp theory construction theoryJean-Pierre Houdin CHEOPE book cover translated from KHUFU Great PyrammidJean-Pierre Houdin KHEOPS book cover Great Pyramid Internal Ramp Theory


                                                                German CHEOPS                                 Italian CHEOPE Grande Piramide                French KHEOPS LA GRANDE PYRAMIDE

                                               Publisher: Verlag Von Zabern - Mainz                      Publisher: Ananke - Torino                 Publisher: Linteau - Paris / Farid Atiya - Cairo  





Jean-Pierre Houdin Book Cover Great Pyramid Internal Ramp Theory published for Circular Times Archives by Colette DowellJean-Pierre Houdin Secret Grand Pyramid internal ramp theory

                                                                                       The Secret of the Great Pyramid                      La Secret de la Grande Pyramide      

                                                                        Publisher: Smithsonian - HarperCollins New York                  Publisher: Fayard - Paris

                                                                                                    AMAZON LINK                                             Paperback - Fall of 2009



DVDs are available documenting Jean-Pierre's research:



Kheops Book Cover Jean-Pierre Houdin Internal Ramp TheoryJean-Pierre Houdin National Geographic DVD book cover internal ramp theory


                                                                                            DVD: KHEOPS REVELE  DVD:                  UNLOCKING THE GREAT PYRAMID               

                                                                                   Producer: Gedeon Programmes - Paris         Producer NatGeo Channel - Washington

                                                                                                       (Europe only)                                                   (USA only)


A DVD is on sale with, as a bonus, a DVD-R 3D animations with glasses (Europe only).

NHK - Japanese Television aired their own primetime documentary on Jean-Pierre Houdin.





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Archaeology Magazine: Update: Return to the Great Pyramid  by Bob Brier: Note: "Bob Brier is a senior research fellow at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University and a contributing editor at Archaeology. He is coauthor with Jean-Pierre Houdin of 'Secret of the Great Pyramid'."


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