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Nick Begich HAARP Auroral Northern Lights Starwars Patriot Missile Earth Ionosphere NO!.....BE AFRAID !”




Advances in Tesla Technology


by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning,  1995


Introduction and Scenario of the HAARP the U.S. Government is Playing

by Dr. Colette Dowell, N.D., 1995


I loved to watch the old black and white ‘Twilight Zone’ on TV when I was a kid. The situations that were dramatized were far beyond my capabilities in the dreamtimes state. I remember the one episode where only one man was left alive after the big nuke and he found himself sitting alone on the footsteps in front of a library. The only problem was his glasses broke and he was left with nothing; Wow - that impressed me.


I survived the Commie era, growing up in Las Vegas next to Nellis Air Force Base, and the Beatty bomb tests site. You always knew when the government was blowing bombs off and playing war because the ceiling chandeliers would always swing. My family had self survival kits and dehydrated food. The bomb shelter was nearby and the “this is only a test”, emergency air raid sirens blew timely every Saturday at noon.


I became aware of pollution in my teens and faced the slow death from toxins entering the orifices of my body. I watched as our Earth became over-populated and the ravaging effects of massive waste obliterating our ecosystem. I shuddered to hear of all of the beautiful species of animals, birds, fish and insects wither into extinction.


When my child Colton was born I grew fearful for the quality of his life; would he fry and die of major skin cancer from exposure to the dangerous effects of extreme ultra violet radiation, or die of hunger because of the hole in the ozone?


I haven’t caught aids, and I have so far seemingly escaped the Big C.


The Savannah River Site hasn’t gone into melt-down yet (I live within the ‘China Syndrome’ zone), and North Carolina thankfully hasn’t been the target for any nuke bombs in the name of ‘GOD.’


I am a good citizen, neighbor, friend and otherwise. I donate my time, efforts and monies in hopes of furthering a positive evolution for humans and this planet; I am responsible. Now in my late thirties I am faced once again with more crap and horrors to try to cope with - frightening stuff, like what the American Government is now irresponsibly playing with; Earth’s ionosphere with advanced Tesla technology. Rod Sterling in his prime could never have mastered such a twisted script. Where does it all end? We some how need to gather our senses and put a stop to all of t his madness.




The U.S. Government has a new ground based ‘Star Wars’ weapon which is being tested in the remote bush country of Alaska. This new system manipulates the environment in a way which can:


* Disrupt human mental processes.

* Jam all global communication systems.

* Interfere with wildlife migration patterns.

* Negatively affect your health.

* Unnaturally impact the Earth’s upper atmosphere.


The U.S. Military calls its zapper HARRP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). But this sky buster is not about Northern Lights. The device will turn on lights never intended to be artificially manipulated.


Their first target is the electrojet – a river of electricity that flows thousands of miles through the sky and down into the polar ice cap. The electrojet will become a vibrating artificial antenna for sending electromagnetic radiation raining down on Earth. The U.S. military can then ‘X-Ray’ the Earth and talk to submarines. But there’s much more they can do with HAARP. This book reveals surprises from secret meetings.


Project Censored


A prestigious panel of journalists judges HAARP to be in the top ten under-rated reported news stories of 1994.


Popular Science: As a front-cover story HAARP began to be reveled in September, 1995. Nick Begich and  Jeane Manning’s new book  “Angels Don’t Play This Haarp: Advances in Tesla Technology,” 1995,  breaks open the real story.


Well leave it up to the American Government and major corporations to not credit Tesla for his experimental research in the old days and now rip him off and use advancements in his technology to muck everything up. But of course, they want you to believe what they are attempting is safe.


This HARRP scenario reminds me of the 1985 remake of the movie ‘The Fly.’ Jeff Goldblum plays the mad scientist Brundle, who teleports himself into the aethers via tele-pods to later find out he fused himself genetically with a fly; meaning basically he blew it. During his metamorphosis becoming a ‘fly-being’ he became very virile-‘very virel.’ He really had to have sex in a bad way so he went to this titty bar and picked this lady up. He took her back to his lab and wore her out; she was done. He now wanted her to go through the pod so she would become ‘really sexy.’ During his exhibition of persuading her to transform herself in the pod, she became very frightened.


He says: You’re going to like it.”

She says: I don’t want to ...I’m afraid.”

He says: Don’t be afraid.”


Then Geena Davis, our heroine of the movie and the Fly’s previous lover who knows what’s going on with his disgusting deadly grade hairy fang like horny mutations, busts through the door and in a most firm, warning, ‘Don’t do it!!!!!!’ type voice screams,


NO!.....BE AFRAID !”



HAARP, The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project is the HAARP that Angels don’t play.




Link to Amazon for HAARP - Dr. Nick Begich, 1995, Angels Don't Play this Haarp -


Nick Begich's website

Non-Profit organization based in Texas researching and educating the public on technology.


VIDEO FOLLOW UP ---- PLEASE MUST WATCH This link takes you to his update on HAARP at Youtube.

While you are on Youtube you can search for many more videos by Dr. Nich Begich, I placed the first update on HAARP.

This video is very good and informative..........Nick discusses in detail how HAARP works and the players involved, a good follow up from his first book on it in 1995, Angels Don't Play This HAARP, Dr. Nick Begich


Dr. Eastland's patent - ground base system, natural gas...ramifications  of old Star Wars Program -  Atlantic Richfield ARCO -ARCO Power Technologies Inc. Raytheon Corporation - Patriot Missile - weapons application -proprietary information, holding technical knowledge to 9 critical patents associated with HAARP program  300 military papers - E Systems - Black Projects Congress is not aware of .....Intellectual Properties, British Aerospace -disturbing Ionosphere with pulses - environment is disrupted-  eco systems - What parts of spectrum of frequencies - little narrow band, manipulating energy can affect entire spectrum , modulating signal, horizon radar, distortion at high elevation, over the horizon, intercontinental ballistic, Fairbanks Alaska; arrays of HAARP transmitters- cold plasma,  gamma ray detector, utilizing unique energy pattern, gamma ray detectors, carry nuclear payloads, EMP = Electro Magnetic Pulse, so strong overrides electronic circuits, bit errors, computer errors crashing air craft, increase power create EMP affect, knock out everything in the sky...........1995 first published HAARP for public debate, radio broadcasts, Europe travel, Thomas Spencer European Parliament, British Military,  Brussels, physicists, Association work of Tom Spencer = Organization Globe, 44 governments,  environmental issues, Russian woodpecker signal, Soviet Union, early predecessors of HAARP, Allies, United States messed up Treaty, President Bush and President Clinton screwed things Soviet Union, no treaty, problem because of no treaty now and policy of corporation, direction of modern technology, application of HAARP earth penetrating tomography, X-Raying Earth, underground structures, tunnels, mining, nuclear, many things are detected by HAARP. Resonance and harmony, Wagner / Vagner, vibrated to Vagner...ELF range, back to Earth long wave lengths, penetrate Earth and Sea, nothing stops them, shorter wave length micro waves systems do not penetrate, so can not reach submarines. Just so much information in this wonderful video.  MSNBC Afghanistan war after 911 test operation , BBC TV, US Government, Halliburton, Brooks Agnew, geologic events can be triggered utilizing high energy in ELF range, DOD news briefing, April 27, 1997, University of Georgia, Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMD, US Secretary of Defense at the time, William Cohen,  Oil, Gas in ground and quality of resources, manipulate weather system, weather modification, climate outcome, economic factors, 30 miles in diameter heated area, into space 200 kilometers, expansions, etcetera, etcetera.....

Please view it.





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