The Web

A spider feels every vibration on its web.



by Dr. Colette M. Dowell 1994


On August 11, 1994, next to Avebury Stone Circle, in Southern England,

the Web formation appeared in a field of wheat.


On a cellular sub-atomic level we are vibrational beings.

Our 3 dimensional world is perceived through our senses.


Our senses are spanned across a specific band of frequencies or vibrations.

Dogs hear things we can't hear, cats see things we can't see,

their senses are spanned across different fields of vibrations.


Just because as Humans we may not recognize something because

we can't detect it in our band of frequencies,

doesn't mean it does not exist, we just can't perceive it.


Something or some World may be right next to us, and we would not know it was there.

Our actions have a direct effect on other levels of vibrations.


We blow big bombs off and send mega waves throughout the Cosmos

not knowing the direct effects they may have on another level of existence.


We not only harm ourselves but we could, and possibly are, harming other levels of realities.

 It's like whoever is coming here, aren't coming here to help us for ourselves,

 but more-so to help ourselves because our actions directly effect them, and they are here saying,


 " Hey what are you guys doing down there? Let's get it together! "







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