Leaving for Bosnia

To study the Visoko Hill, “The Pyramid of the Sun”

and other related excavation sites in the local region.




By invitation from -

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation



July 27th – August 9th, 2006


Please see Dr. Schoch’s letter

addressing their visit


and the surrounding controversy concerning

the possibility of an age old Eastern Europe pyramid.




Hello Everyone --This is Robert Schoch,


Dr. Dowell and I will be leaving shortly for our reconnaissance study of the Visoko Valley of Bosnia, the area of the so-called “Bosnian Pyramids.”  We will focus on a study of the geological and archaeological features of the region.  In particular, we are interested in attempting to determine the extent and nature of any human-made features, and also place any human-made features in a chronological and cultural context. 


Is the Visocica Hill actually a huge pyramid? Has it undergone human modification?  Are there other pyramids in the area?  What about smaller structures that have been identified near or on the presumed pyramids, perhaps reminiscent of temples associated with pyramids elsewhere in the world?  And then there are the mysterious tunnels found in the region.  Dr. Dowell and I are really looking forward to probing the tunnels for evidence of how and when they were formed.  We also look forward to meeting with the members of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, as well as various geologists, archaeologists, and historians.  I am sure there will be a healthy and invigorating exchange of information and ideas.  While there we will learn more about the history and culture of the Bosnian people.  I expect that we will make many new friends.


Upon our return in mid-August it will take time to digest and summarize our results, but we plan to post photos and preliminary comments on this site as soon as we can (I anticipate around the last week of August), so keep checking back.  Also, if we can get an Internet connection in Bosnia, we will try to post comments through The Daily Grail even before our return. Greg Taylor and the staff of The Daily Grail have been most accommodating and will provide any news and pictures we may be able to send. We thank The Daily Grail for their continuous efforts in bringing you the latest developments while we are away in Bosnia.


Thank you for your interest and support.


Robert Schoch


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